About the Society

The aim of the Society is to enhance the quality of life for all visually impaired people within the Metropolitan Borough of Bury and the surrounding areas.

Bury Society for Blind & Partially Sighted People is a charitable organisation that provides a variety of services which aim to enhance the quality of life for all visually impaired people within the Metropolitan Borough of Bury.

The Society was founded in 1922 and for many years just held several social events each year for  visually impaired people. It wasn’t until 1994 that the Society became established with premises, staff, volunteers, a committee and trustees.

In 2005, the Society made the transition to a company limited by guarantee; the committee then became the Board of Directors.

Maintaining and improving our services depends very much on the voluntary help we receive from various sources.The Society is funded by legacies, voluntary donations and fundraising which are desperately needed to supplement the grants we receive.